Monday, October 5, 2009

Six Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have a Blog

Six Reasons Why Every Artist Should Create a Blog

Number One:

It promotes character growth.

Since you are a right-brained creature, it is a very good exercise to engage the left in some synapse-bending quagmires it has never before attempted to tangle with.

Number Two:

It raises your endurance threshold.

After wrapping your head around a variety pack of blogging websites that promise you can "just click here and start writing", you will ultimately find the one that will actually help you get the sucker done. It inevitably will become clear as a bell how to smash your Title Artwork up into that Title Box so that it fits after you re-size and upload it a bazillion times. Repetition helps it all sink in.

Number Three:

It makes you realize that being a picky and meticulous wretch is a GOOD thing.

When you finally accomplish getting the seemingly recalcitrant framework in place, correct colors chosen, sidebars all populated, you can celebrate with a glass or two of champagne. Very nice.

Number Four:

It gives you something to vent about.

And you are here to write, after all, to spread some word about what the hell you are thinking and of course about what you are doing. The inelegant hassle of setting up your Blog will fire up the furnace for your initial blast onto the Blogosphere ..... and then some.

Number Five:

It launches you into the brave new world of cyber-journalists who are splashing words about virtually everything, virtually everywhere.

Who knew so many people could write?? Or even would write? AND be instantly published as well?  Teeming with thoughts and ideas, the Blogosphere is like a massive, undulating electronic diary.  One in which you will explore just who you are --- very publicly.  A bit daunting when you think of it this way.

But who cares .......... jump in!  Post that bouncing new baby Blog.

Number Six:

It might even be good for business!

Exposure increases awareness of you and your artwork!  TA DA!  So you need to add your two cents to the mix.  Someone is bound to read your Blog and look at the pictures. Gotta happen. And then, I have read that good things will follow if you are attentive, persistent and make friends with your fellow Bloggers.  So this last reason could be the most important one of the bunch. The other five will improve you as a person, while this one could buy you dinner.

Much appreciation to Blogspot for being the Very Best of the Bunch.


  1. Elinor - I enjoyed reading this but really agree with #3 - having just set up my own first blog - see link below - I heartily agree - except that my personal choice would be several Vodka and Tonics!!

    You can visit my blog at