Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Nostalgia from Willem van der Velden

Sometimes out of the blue come lovely things.  One of them came my way a few days ago from a gamer in Amsterdam named Willem van der Velden.  He is putting together a Fan Website for old computer games which many people still love to play and talk about.  

In his research for the 1992 game, The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, he came across the post I wrote here that described the creation of the game illustrations by my son,  Scott Mavor, entitled: Is it Art or is it Digital, Part I.  He noted that my son had passed away in 2008 and that I was saddened because I could not play this Windows 3.1 floppy disk game anymore on my Windows 7 computer.  So he took time to put together and email instructions for the DOSbox conversion making it possible for me to play the game again and see Scott's amazing opening animation as well as all the other moody and charming scenes that make up the game. 

This was just so touching and so very nice a thing for this man to do.

And gamers and anyone who wants to see the Sherlock Holmes artwork, which was way beyond the flat Pac-Man style of the day, can take a look at van der Velden's wonderful Game Nostalgia website by clicking here.  Enjoy.

My heartfelt thanks go to Willem van der Velden for his thoughtfulness.  He is still adding material to Game Nostalgia and will be covering many different games from the era.  Check it out!