Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Artwork for Fine Art America

Majestic Lion

Being sidelined with injuries from a fall for the last ten months or so was a huge bummer.  Besides torn rotator cuffs, my hands were injured and I could not write or do any artwork.  It has been quite a year and a half.  It started out in the late summer of 2010 with nasty roof rats partying in my attic and a big ol' bull snake slithering into my house after said rats and then, if that wasn't creepy enough .... the klutzy trip and fall late last November.  When you get to a certain age, my advice is ... Do Not Fall Down.  No bones broken, but I really was miserable from shoulders to toes.  So, after dealing with it all via therapy and much imposing on family and friends, I have now learned my lesson about not being in such a rush all the time.  Patience. Is. A. Virtue.  Amen.

Months of rehab under my belt, I'm now back and ready to show some pieces from a collection of both old and new artwork which will be going up on my new personal Fine Art America Website.   I had been working on a series of Big Cats already and now am adding to that as well as creating a series of Portraits and revamping all of my galleries.  The Big Kitty at the top was finished in late 2010.

Lion Icon

The very first Big Cat in the series (above) was created a few years ago for inclusion on and it was featured in one of their yearly calendars.  I liked this guy so much, that later I decided to use him as my Facebook Avatar and he has received lots of compliments.   All of this artwork will be available in various sizes of fine art prints: canvas prints; framed prints; art prints; acrylic prints and  greeting cards.  Very large prints can be used as posters.  Here are a few more featured below:


Soulful Tiger

Colorful Cheetah

Puma Portrait

In addition to the new gallery with Big Cats I have been working on a series of posters featuring famous people, real and imaginary.  I have always loved doing portraits and awhile back completed a group of black and white portraits of famous people for a chanelling book by medium Philip K. Burley to be published sometime in the future.  These portraits for FAA (below) are much more whimsical, colorful and abstract.  Here are a couple of examples:

New Portrait of a Famous Old Guy

Portrait of fictional character Baba Yaga

So it is wonderful to be back at work again.  Upcoming projects include a cover illustration for a soon-to-be- published YA novel by Emily Devenport and Ernest HoganTerrible Twelves, a YouTube slideshow presentation promoting Emily Devenport's sf novel, BELARUS, and a cover illustration for political thriller, Trapped in a Wilderness of Mirrors, by Scottish novelist, Merlin Fraser, writer of the famous Inner Space trilogy.  

I am having fun again!

All illustrations copyright by Elinor Mavor 2012.  All rights reserved.


  1. My gosh Elinor! These are absolutely beautiful! x

  2. Elinor I love your work of the have a lot of talent. I still want to order one of the lions..can you e-mail me the sight again? Thanks! and be Blessed!

    1. Thanks so much, Patricia. I will email the address to you today.

  3. Awesome collection of my favourite animals Elinor! Good job! Congratulations!:)

  4. how do i purchases one of these pics i cant find where to go sorry im frustrated from trying to find the page to purchase

  5. Hi ... Please click on the black rectangle on the sidebar on the right side up near the top of this Blog where it says FINE ART AMERICA. You will be taken directly to the page where you can buy prints of my artwork. Thank you for your interest!

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