Skin Beauty Tools for Every Skin
From dermaplaning tools to face cleansing brushes to at-home laser devices, there
are plenty of skin beauty tools out there that can help elevate your skincare regimen
and give your complexion the boost it needs cellreturn. But it can be a challenge to know
where to start when shopping for these tools, and which ones are worth your money.

So to help you get started, we consulted with top experts and asked their favorite at-
home skin care tools.

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Facial Tools for Every Skin Type
No matter your skin type, you can find a device that will make a big difference in
your skincare routine We spoke to facial plastic surgeons and celebrity estheticians
to learn which tools they recommend, and they shared their top picks below.
1. Microneedling Tool
For a softer, more radiant look, try a tool that uses microneedling to target fine lines
and wrinkles. This nifty tool creates tiny pinpricks in your skin, which stimulates
collagen and elastin and improves texture and tautness. It’s also great for
minimizing the appearance of pores and scars.
2. LED Light Therapy Tool
If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to try Ultherapy at home, this at-home tool
can do it for you. It’s FDA-approved and more powerful than other at-home LED
devices on the market, delivering better skin elasticity, tone, and texture.
3. Gua Sha Tool
If your skin is more delicate than usual, you might benefit from a tool that mimics
the pressure used in traditional gua sha (a technique of massaging the face using
flat stones) to enhance your complexion. This jade gemstone tool hugs the curves of
your face, creating a massage that’ll leave you feeling less puffy and refreshed each
time you use it.

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4. Cleansing Brush and Steamer
If you have clogged pores or oily skin, a face cleansing brush is a must-have in your
skincare arsenal. There are electric options that spin, as well as manual types you’ll
move in circular motions.
5. Dermaplaning Tool
If hair removal is a priority in your skincare regime, this tool can help you get
smooth skin without having to see an esthetician. It features replaceable blades that
help you avoid cuts, nicks, and irritation.
6. Eye Beauty Tool

When it comes to the eyes, you need a special-focus device that works for them.
This nifty tool combines the best of an eye mask spatula and an exfoliating face
roller for an all-in-one treatment that will make your eyes brighter, plumper, and
more radiant.
7. Retinol Night Cream
A great night moisturizer is essential for keeping your skin looking and feeling
healthy and supple. These nourishing formulas are rich in antioxidants to prevent
damage from environmental aggressors and replenish moisture levels, which drop in
the evening.
8. Facial Cupping Set
If you’re looking for a more intense form of facial massage, consider investing in this
face cupping kit. It combines the percussive touch of an exfoliating face roller with
the soothing warmth of a heating massage to boost blood flow to the skin and
encourage collagen production.


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